Class Gifts to Walla Walla University

Each year’s graduating class presents Walla Walla University with a gift as a token of appreciation. Below is a list of currently known class gifts. If you have questions or wish to share information about a class gift, email Alumni and Advancement Services (use or call (800) 377-2586.

Class Year Gift 50-year Celebration Gift
1892 Unknown  
1893 Unknown  
1894 Unknown  
1895 Unknown  
1896 Unknown  
1897 Unknown  
1898 Unknown  
1899 Unknown  
1900 Unknown  
1901 Unknown  
1902 Unknown  
1903 Unknown  
1904 Unknown  
1905 Unknown  
1906 Unknown  
1907 Unknown  
1908 B J Cady's Field of Fiji *  
1909 Elder Owens' Field of Honduras *  
1910 Unknown  
1911 Unknown  
1912 Unknown  
1913 Unknown  
1914 Unknown  
1915 Drinking Fountain *  
1916 Unknown  
1917 Unknown  
1918 Gate Posts at Entrance to College *  
1919 Lights for the old Chapel *  
1920 Gift to Emergency Project in India *  
1921 Concrete Steps at Entrance *  
1922 Rail & Foot Curtain for the old Chapel *  
1923 WWC Sign above Ad Building *  
1924 Clock for Library in the Ad Building *  
1925 Lights for Clock in Library in Ad Building *  
1926 Unknown  
1927 Lights for Music Conservatory Auditorium *  
1928 Drinking Fountain on main floor Ad Building *  
1929 Unknown  
1930 Landscaped Fish Pool *  
1931 Curtains for screen in old Chapel *  
1932 Unknown  
1933 Footlights for old Chapel *  
1934 Unknown  
1935 Pongee Backdrops for the old Chapel *  
1936 Pulpit for Chapel at North end of Ad Building *  
1937 Lights at Entrance of Columbia Auditorium *  
1938 Fountains side entrances at Columbia Auditorium *  
1939 Pulpit/Chair for Platform in Columbia Auditorium *  
1940 Lamp Post by steps at Conard Hall Crosswalk *  
1941 Directory Board for Ad Building *  
1942 Clock with blue light for Columbia Auditorium *  
1943 Picture for the Library *  
1944 German Bible for the Library showcase *  
1945 Bronze Lamp Posts for Conard Hall Entrance *  
1946 Traffic Light for Conard Hall Crossing *  
1947 Drinking Fountain at Library Entrance *  
1948 Triangular WWC Sign by bird bath Front Campus*  
1949 Steps at end of Hello Walk and sign lights for HW *  
1950 Fountain at N Campus Bird baths at N/Front Campus and Two clocks for Ad Building Library Chapel * Jesus Among Us Sculpture
1951 Fountain and Backstop on the Playground * CTC Communication Equipment
1952 Platform Drapes in Columbia Auditorium * Bowers Hall Study Patio
1953 Cash gift to provide furniture for the rostrum of the new church presented to Heubach Annual Fund Gift
1954 Scholarship Religion Classroom in ad building
1955 Gift to Student Financial Aid Class 1955 Endowment
1956 School flag Endowed Scholarship
1957 Auto Page Drive-up Book Return for Library Student Aid Grant
1958 Gift to Student Financial Aid Bronze Medallion for Centennial Green and gifts to class loan fund
1959 Campus Drinking Fountain Student Missions Endowed Scholarship
1960 Unknown Student Missions Endowed Scholarship
1961 Gift to Student Financial Aid Student Missions Endowed Scholarship
1962 Five lamps and posts in front of Church Rosario Cabin
1963 Swimming Pool Fund/Small Rock Table in SAC Rosario Cabin Renovation
1964 Mosaic of College Seal for Library Library Mosaic Replacement (in progress) Library Boardroom Refurbish
1965 Gift to Student Financial Aid Class of 1965 Endowment
1966 Gift to Student Financial Aid/2 paintings in Library Library Refresh: Stack Study Areas
1967 Lettering for Tausick Pool sign Pedestrian Pathway between Bowers and Fine Arts Center
1968 Metal Modern Sculpture in front of Kretschmar Hall Memorial Scholarship Endowment
1969 Paintings and clock for SAC Student Life and Ministry Center Meeting Room (in progress)
1970 Aquarium and gift to Student Missionary Fund Endowed Scholarship
1971 Book Purchasing Fund Endowed Scholarship
1972 Unknown Student Life and Ministry Center Meeting Room (in progress)
1973 Fireplace for ASWWC Lodge and Missionary Volunteer (MV) work in Ethiopia  
1974 Unknown  
1975 Water fountain for new addition to the College Church installed in 1985  
1976 Unknown  
1977 Unknown  
1978 Combined funds with 1979 class to give College Sign  
1979 Combined funds with 1978 class to give College Sign  
1980 Unknown  
1981 Landscaping around Havstad Alumni Center  
1982 Gift to Student Financial Aid  
1983 Gift to Student Financial Aid  
1984 Gift to Student Financial Aid  
1985 Gift to Student Financial Aid  
1986 Gift to Student Financial Aid  
1987 Gift to Student Financial Aid  
1988 Gift to Student Financial Aid  
1989 Ed Zaugg Memorial Fund for Student Scholarships  
1990 Renovation of Portico on the Front of the Ad Build  
1991 Centennial Garden south of the Life Science Center  
1992 Center Stage behind the Library  
1993 Billy Budd Bronze Sculpture in front of Library  
1994 HPE Tennis Court lighting  
1995 Chimes for College Church organ  
1996 Endowed Scholarship Fund  
1997 Covered Picnic Table Outside Kellogg Hall  
1998 Christian Aid Center(CAC)  
  Campus Signage  
  Directory in Village Hall Lobby  
1999 Stained Glass pieces for windows in College Church  
2000 Clock for lawn outside FAC  
2001 WW County housing authority CAC playground for migrant worker area  
2002 Ad Building sign  
2003 Scholarship Endowment  
2004 Teri Kuhlman Athletics Center - Ad Building Pillars Restoration  
2005 Ad Building Lobby Lighting - Bibles for College Church  
2006 Mountain Rents - Rose Garden at Rigby  
2007 University Monument Sign  
2008 Campus Bench/ City of College Place sign  
2009 SM Endowed Scholarship  
2010 Student Center - Atlas House
2011 Class of 2011 Shari Booth Endowed Scholarship  
2012 Class of 2012 Endowed Scholarship  
2013 Library Collaborative Study Room  
2014 Class of 2014 Endowed Scholarship - Library Mosaic Renovation and Stack Study Areas (in progress)  
2015 Plaza between Meske & Village Halls  
2016 Library Refresh: Stack Study area renovation  
2017 Class of 2017 Merit Award Endowment  
2018 Path around the athletic fields  
2019 Climbing wall enhancement  
2020 Furniture for White Family Terrace  
2021 Pickleball added to the tennis courts  
2022 Class of 2022 Endowed Scholarship